Youth Strength & Conditioning

Our children have plenty of specialization in their lives. Whether its sports or specialization in the art of couch and video game play, we've removed free play from the equation. Our Youth Strength & Conditioning Program seeks to help by introducing non-specialized training to increase strength, stamina, and reduce the possibility of injury. 

As with everything we do at Old Glory Gym, we do things differently!

During the school year, our youth program is drop-in only (no membership needed) and scheduled for Saturdays at 9am. We alternate age groups each weekend. Simply register your child before mid-night on Thursday for the Saturday session that corresponds to your child's age. The "Kiddos" group are 6-10 year olds. The "Teens" group are 11-15 year olds. 

Each Summer, we hold a 3-day/week Strength & Conditioning Class in 4-week block cycles. These sessions require a membership for attendance.